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1044PRO is the first & ONLY company that wants YOU to put YOU first! That’s right, it is now time for you to invest your time and money into YOU!  There are very few times in your life that you have a true opportunity to work on YOU…I mean look, feel, act, sleep, earn, love, parent, husband, wife, friend, mentor & live life better than you ever have before! LIFE LIKE APRO!

The 1044pro opportunity is like no other!  1044pro is designed for YOU to win!  Win at all you do and win at ALL costs!  Whatever your goals are, 1044pro will help you achieve them by making sure you are taking care of #1 and that is YOU!  It's time to take care of the person in your mirror!  YOU, YOU & YOU!!

At 1044pro you will experience "touch points" in many ways as you will have access to world class personal coaching & mentoring with access to your own 24/7/365 virtual Fitness Center, Direct Sales/MLM Training, Wine Club, Nutrition, New Cutting Edge Technology Medical Lifestyle Supplement(s) & Pickleball Academies and so much more!! You will learn & experience new things every day! #raisingthebar 

Note: Do you know by owning a 1044pro Home Based Business you can now take advantage of all the tax write offs & benefits with your gym memberships, entertainment, rent, mortgage, car payments, cell phone bill and even Pickleball!



The Number 1044 is meaningful to both Heather and I. 10 was my professional football jersey number and 44 is Heather's favorite number. Undoubtedly, with both hard work and determination, you will experience, a change in your life. With patience and your hard work, you can manifest what your heart desires!

The number 1044 is a message to look for new and better ways to work more efficiently, look for better technology and a strategy to apply them quickly before anyone else! Especially, your competition!



The "PRO" part of 1044PRO means just that! Be a Professional at and in all you do!  Professionals get paid, get things done, move mountains, dress the part, show up and always, always carry themselves as a true professional in all that they do!


An Opportunity that puts YOU first!

The 1044PRO Bar is a one of a kind, first to market "all inclusive", performance enhancing lifestyle bar with anti-aging, detox, immune booster and electrolytes with proven Karbolyn® technology, invented for 1044PRO by Dr. Jeff Golini, Founder of All American Pharmaceuticals.

Karbolyn® represents the dawn of a new era of carbohydrate supplementation, this fast-acting, long-lasting, high-performance compound offers immediate results, giving simple carbohydrates now have the ability to enter the bloodstream quickly giving you instant energy!

WE want you to use the 1044PRO bar to achieve each and every goal you have! Always always carry the bar with you! It is your EDGE over who and what you go up against! ...when you need a quick boost pre-workout, during and post workout take a bit of the bar! Not feeling good about a situation, you are in, take a bite and change your mindset and the situation you are in! The 1044PRO Bar is your secret weapon to success to battle with you and for you!!! WE want you have them with you to remind you how great and truly special you are! LET'S GO

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